Sourcing a Host for the Podcast

I currently have a host for the podcast available to me using Audioboom. As this is a free of charge personal account it is limited to individual show lengths of 10 minutes. Further to this the statistical information available is limited simply to the number of hits/listens the podcast has with no indication of where it was listened to or how long the podcast was listened for.

I discussed at my meeting with DMofT manager Samantha Bannerman the options available via Audioboom and also another host called Acast.

The benefits from a research point of view  for using Acast as a host were numerous. Firstly no limit to show length. Although it is planned to keep the podcasts to 10 minutes each in length, if there is a short overrun of  few seconds or so this would be accommodated as opposed to being restricted to exactly 10 minutes.

From a research point of view, the detail of information available is much more intense with the ability to know not only that the show is listened to but also which town and country it is listened to as well as what time of day, and what the drop off time is of listeners.




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