Stats from Podcast Host Acast on 20 March 2017

Having published the 3rd podcast on Friday 16th March, I looked at the statistical information from podcast host Acast on the morning of 20 March.

20.03.17 Acast stats screen shots (1)

It is interesting when looking at the peaks on the above graph on the day of publication as these are the days of most social media traffic by the museum.

20.03.17 Acast stats screen shots (2)

Looking at where the podcast is being listened to for the three episodes and the pilot, most listeners are as anticipated listening in the immediate Dundee area.


A Visit to the Workshop Where the Museum Carry Out Restoration and Repairs

A visit was planned to visit the workshop at the museum on Tuesday 14 March to meet with Ally and Ken.


Some RAW audio from my visit to the restoration workshop used in this weeks podcast

It was really interesting to see them at work nursing this old Morris 1000 Traveler back to better health.

I used both the Zoom H2n handheld audio recorder as well as the Zoom H6 to record audio during the visit.

The workshop area is very small so wasn’t easy to record during the process of some of the work being carried out.

I next met Forbes, he is also involved in the restoration team. We decided as there were now 4 in the small workshop to move outside to conduct the next part of the podcast on the back of an old London Route-master bus.



The discussion was both interesting and varied covering the restoration programme, Cliff Richard and the Film Summer Holiday and the up and coming Steam theme weekend at the museum on 1st and 2nd of April.

The podcast was recorded edited, and then uploaded to Acast and iTunes on Friday 17th March. here are both links.

Acast : Week 3 Podcast – Restoration and iTunes : Week 3 Podcast – Restoration




Second Podcast Published – #volunteers

Some of the RAW audio used in the production of the podcast for week 2 (10/03/17)

The recording and publishing for the second podcast aiming particularly at volunteering within the museum was recorded week commencing Monday 06 March 2017. Interviews were conducted with the museum manager and a number of volunteers discussing their roles and involvement with the transport museum in Dundee.

The podcast went through its final edit process on Friday 10 March and was uploaded to the Acast podcast host after production.

Week 2 – #volunteers – Dundee Museum of Transport Podcast This is the link to the Acast site.

The podcast can also be accessed via iTunes –

Week 2 iTunes Podcast Link #volunteers

The interviews were conducted over Wednesday 8th March and Thursday 9th March to fit in with the requirements of the volunteers.

In all recorded discussions additional audio was retained to use if required in later podcasts.


Screenshot (72)Screenshot (73)Screenshot (74)Screenshot (75)


Screenshot (76)




Dundee Museum of Transport Podcast goes Live – First episode on line NOW

WEEK 1 – Dundee Museum of Transport Podcast

Today saw the first podcast go live on podcast host Acast and also on iTunes. The podcast covers subjects such as Dundee’s horse drawn tram, Champion the Wonderhorse in Dundee’s Shore Terrace arcade, The Fowler Steam Engine and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Acast Podcast Hosting Site Link  this is the link to the first podcast directly to the host. This option is great for sharing to known sources and for using on social media.

Apple iTunes link to the podcast  Being successful in an application to iTunes opens up several new opportunities for listeners to the podcast. Biggest advantage that I see is that listeners can subscribe once to the podcast and iTunes will download future shows directly to you as soon as they are uploaded to the host site. The other advantage being that podcast listeners can search different genre’s and hash tags and may find the podcast if any of the tags or show descriptions meet the search request.



Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on Display at Dunde Museum of Transport, The chair of the Museum talks about the famous car from the 1960’s movie. There is a link to Dundee with the film in that one of the main child actors is from Dundee, Heather Ripley.


The Fowler Steam engine, Jimmy talks of the council representatives going to Aberdeen to see this fine piece of machinery, and purchasing it and having to drive it down the road home. There is a further discussion about one families generation connection with the engine.

fowler slate

Most children from the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s in Dundee who used to visit the city arcade in Shore Terrace will be familiar with “Champion the Wonder Horse” listen to how this unique piece of Dundee history finds itself at Dundee Museum of Transport.




Getting the Dundee Museum of Transport Podcast on iTunes

The podcast is being hosted on Acast however to make it easier for listeners to access the show the best option available to me is to list on iTunes and that will allow listeners to subscribe to the show so that it is automatically fed to them on publication.

The task of the day was to submit the new museum podcast to iTunes to allow access to a larger audience.

By the end of the day I should be waiting to receive the go ahead from Apple for the podcast to go live on iTunes.

I submitted the show to iTunes by logging into Podcasts Connect with my Apple ID.

More information regarding the submission process was found at the following link.


Link to Podcasts Connect – https://podcastsconnect.apple.com/

The RSS feed which I needed to submit to iTunes  is: http://rss.acast.com/dundeemuseumoftransport


So all submitted to iTunes and just awaiting Apple approval e mail to start posting on iTunes.



Podcast Goes Live 03 March 2017

The last couple of days have been a bit hectic to say the least. It is my intention to launch the new podcast for Dundee Museum of Transport on Friday 3rd March 2017.

The plan was to record some audio with the museum manager (Sam Bannerman) and the museum Chair (Jimmy McDonell) on Friday 24th February to be used in a pilot trailer for the show and the first episode to be used on 03 March.

Initially the thought was to aim for Pilot launch on Monday 27 February and use the trailer through that week of the launch to create interest. And to launch the first podcast on Friday 3rd March.

A meeting was arranged with both the manager and chair of the museum, hover due to time restraints on the museum staff side, it was not possible to record any audio.

A rearranged meeting to record was set for Tuesday 28 February 2017 at Dundee Museum of Transport and a 40 minute recording of audio took place.

Having selected and edited the audio to suit, a pilot podcast acting as a trailer for the show was produced and uploaded to the podcast host Acast on 01 March 2017.

Have a listen to Dundee Museum of Transport Podcast Trailer

Plan is still in place to upload 1st episode on Friday 3rd March