Dundee Museum of Transport Podcast goes Live – First episode on line NOW

WEEK 1 – Dundee Museum of Transport Podcast

Today saw the first podcast go live on podcast host Acast and also on iTunes. The podcast covers subjects such as Dundee’s horse drawn tram, Champion the Wonderhorse in Dundee’s Shore Terrace arcade, The Fowler Steam Engine and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Acast Podcast Hosting Site Link  this is the link to the first podcast directly to the host. This option is great for sharing to known sources and for using on social media.

Apple iTunes link to the podcast  Being successful in an application to iTunes opens up several new opportunities for listeners to the podcast. Biggest advantage that I see is that listeners can subscribe once to the podcast and iTunes will download future shows directly to you as soon as they are uploaded to the host site. The other advantage being that podcast listeners can search different genre’s and hash tags and may find the podcast if any of the tags or show descriptions meet the search request.



Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on Display at Dunde Museum of Transport, The chair of the Museum talks about the famous car from the 1960’s movie. There is a link to Dundee with the film in that one of the main child actors is from Dundee, Heather Ripley.


The Fowler Steam engine, Jimmy talks of the council representatives going to Aberdeen to see this fine piece of machinery, and purchasing it and having to drive it down the road home. There is a further discussion about one families generation connection with the engine.

fowler slate

Most children from the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s in Dundee who used to visit the city arcade in Shore Terrace will be familiar with “Champion the Wonder Horse” listen to how this unique piece of Dundee history finds itself at Dundee Museum of Transport.




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