A Visit to the Workshop Where the Museum Carry Out Restoration and Repairs

A visit was planned to visit the workshop at the museum on Tuesday 14 March to meet with Ally and Ken.


Some RAW audio from my visit to the restoration workshop used in this weeks podcast

It was really interesting to see them at work nursing this old Morris 1000 Traveler back to better health.

I used both the Zoom H2n handheld audio recorder as well as the Zoom H6 to record audio during the visit.

The workshop area is very small so wasn’t easy to record during the process of some of the work being carried out.

I next met Forbes, he is also involved in the restoration team. We decided as there were now 4 in the small workshop to move outside to conduct the next part of the podcast on the back of an old London Route-master bus.



The discussion was both interesting and varied covering the restoration programme, Cliff Richard and the Film Summer Holiday and the up and coming Steam theme weekend at the museum on 1st and 2nd of April.

The podcast was recorded edited, and then uploaded to Acast and iTunes on Friday 17th March. here are both links.

Acast : Week 3 Podcast – Restoration and iTunes : Week 3 Podcast – Restoration




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