Listener Statistics

The podcast host Acast has a fairly informative statistical tool and here are some of the screenshots of the information available.

Podcast Trailer –  Drop off rate

Screenshot (187)

Podcast 1 –  Drop off rate

Screenshot (186)

Podcast 2 –  Drop off rate

Screenshot (185)

Podcast 3 –  Drop off rate

Screenshot (184)

Podcast 4 –  Drop off rate

Screenshot (183)

Podcast 5 –  Drop off rate

Screenshot (182)

Podcast 6 –  Drop off rate

Screenshot (181)

Top listened to Episodes

Screenshot (180)

Daily Listens to podcast between 25 March 2017 and 24 April 2017

Screenshot (179)

OS Distribution and Referrals

Screenshot (87)

Details of where the podcast is being listened to

Screenshot (88)



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