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The podcast host Acast has a fairly informative statistical tool and here are some of the screenshots of the information available.

Podcast Trailer –  Drop off rate

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Podcast 1 –  Drop off rate

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Top listened to Episodes

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Daily Listens to podcast between 25 March 2017 and 24 April 2017

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Details of where the podcast is being listened to

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Additional reading

As Social Media was very important in the success of this project, I took on additional knowledge from a number of journals and other written references

Here are copies of some of the additional literature.

Format to design narrative multimedia applications_Rubegni

An evaluation of learner-generated content and podcasting

DS02 Social Media for Events Britepaper UK

01.11.16 Acceptance, motivations, and usage of social media as a

01.11.16 Engagement across three social media platforms

01.11.16 How public relations executives perceive and measure the impact of

01.11.16 Use of social media for corporate communications article


Trams, Ferries, Cargo Ships and the Tay Bridge Disaster of 1879 – Podcast Week 5

This fifth podcast covers Trams, Ferries, Cargo Ships and the Tay Bridge Disaster of 1879

ss empire kitchener

Empire Kitchener is getting cleaned up and repaired by a professional conservator!

The ship was built at the Caledon Shipyard in Dundee in 1944.

This fantastic model is on loan from the Worshipful Company of Shipwrights, London, and we believe it has never been on public display in the City before.

empire history

This is an extract from a document produced by The Friends of Dundee City Archives, showing some of the history of the SS Empire Kitchener.

Here is the full document.Caledon E

This is a model of the SS Empire Kitchener currently on loan to the museum. Sam discusses a bit of the history in this weeks podcast.

ss empire kitchener 2

There is huge detail in this model.


From its beginning when built at The Caledon Shipyard in Dundee to being broken up after inclement weather listen to more detail in the unedited chat with Sam.


For a Cargo ship, the SS Empire Kitchener is fairly heavily armed, Find out why in the unedited audio below.


RAW audio recorded 29.03.17 at the museum


The Tay Ferries – Providing a safe crossing of the River Tay for Foot and Vehicle Passengers until 1966

Tay Ferry 2

Some of the fine models of the Tay Ferries on display at Dundee Museum of Transport.

Tay Ferry 3

Volunteer, Forbes, talks of his memories of crossing the river on the ferry, these typically could have been like the tickets he would have bought for the crossing.


Single Tickets that can be seen at the museum.


And returns


One of the special tickets issued to commemorate the last crossing on 18 August 1966.

Tay Ferries clock

The Tay Ferries clock donated to the museum.

The RAW audio from the discussions with Forbes and Graeme

The Last Dundee Horse Drawn Tram

A summer house was discovered in Perth with a hidden past. No one quite knows how long its been there but Graeme is on hand to let us know a bit more about what was found out to be The Last Dundee Horse Drawn Tram.


It was by no means an easy task to get it out however as the pictures show below it was eventually liberated and returned to Dundee.


The black and white picture above has been confirmed as the same tram that is now available to be seen at the museum’s Market Mews premises.


Dundee Museum of Transport Steam Weekend – April 2017

Week 6 Podcast

Final Podcast in the mini series of 6 from Dundee Museum of Transport


Audio discussing the early 1962 Miniature traction engine above



Ronnie Kennedy gives some info about his wee steam train.





Campbell Foster, describes himself as the soup beer man talks about his miniature steam truck.



Archie Renton tells us about his recent purchace.



Visit to the Old Maryfield Tram Depot – The New building for Dundee Museum of Transport

Week 4 podcast – Published on 24 March 2017

The 749 Club, Dundee Trams and the Maryfield Tram Depot

The 749 Club 

749 bus HES_Muesum_of_Transport_AR-620x372

749 Club members Neale and Ian discuss in the week 4 podcast what is involved in this fairly exclusive club. A clue to where the club got its name from can be seen in the picture above (Dundee Courier and Advertiser published 21.06.16)

The Royal Blue was the first purchase of the 749 Club.

The full unedited interview about the 749 Club

29 October 2015 Scotsman Newspaper Article about the History of Maryfield tram depot.

Scotsman Newspaper looks at the history of the Maryfield tram depot

04 November 2015 Dundee Evening Telegraph look at the move of Dundee Transport Museum to the former Maryfield Tram Depot.

Dundee Transport Museum set to move to Former Tram Depot

The Maryfield Tram Depot (Front)

Raw audio from the Tram Depot visit 22.03.17


The Maryfield Tram Depot (South Side)


Much renovation work is required at the new building that will be home to the transport museum. the Dundee Courier and Advertiser on 21 June 2016 covers successful grant application to assist with this work.

Modernisation Grants for Dundee Museum of Transport

Rear of Main Hall


Middle of Main Hall


Side Hall


Change facilities and Managers office (Upper Floor)


Original Tram Dual Control sign


Clock in Card Tray


Target Practice Wall ( Used in the second world war)


The original tram lines lead to the front doors of the building



Stats from Podcast Host Acast on 20 March 2017

Having published the 3rd podcast on Friday 16th March, I looked at the statistical information from podcast host Acast on the morning of 20 March.

20.03.17 Acast stats screen shots (1)

It is interesting when looking at the peaks on the above graph on the day of publication as these are the days of most social media traffic by the museum.

20.03.17 Acast stats screen shots (2)

Looking at where the podcast is being listened to for the three episodes and the pilot, most listeners are as anticipated listening in the immediate Dundee area.